SexyZone is an online store that sell sunglasses and bathing suits. I wanted to brand SexyZone as a company that carries bold, sexy, modern yet timeless products.
New Mommy Concierge target audience are new-parents-to-be. So, for their logo, I used pastel colors, basic shapes and drawing inspirations from classic songs that resonated with childhood.
Paint & Paddles paint vintage oars and the business is conducted inside a vintage furniture store. The founder want the look and feel of the logo to be part vintage, part rustic and part nautical.
The Climate Story is a non-profit startup that promotes awareness about the hazards that our environment is facing today. With this in mind, I wanted to design something that is memorable, whimsical and tells a story. I experimented with hand-drawn objects and fonts, used symbols that represent the environment and make it known that it is the world that is being effected.
The Healing App is a donation-based affiliate company based out of Australia. The founder's instructions are "I like to use initials and I want it simple". Based on his needs, I used non-literal elements that represent the significance of the business model while incorporating the initials and simplicity. This is still a work in progress project.
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