Simplee provide financial softwares to help user pay their hospital bill through a variety of payment plans and get estimates of out-of-pocket charges before receiving care.

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Mathew Sparkling is a 40 years old father with a 8 years old daughter and a 5 years old son. He, his wife and their 2 children lives in Los Angeles. Mathew is an avid rock climber and he has injured himself multiple times while doing so. His chiropractor told him he has rotator cuff tears and need surgery. The injury is painful but he can still deal with it. He has health insurance but is still concerned with how much he has to pay.
Carol Winchester is 19 years old and she has a 75 years old grandmother.  
Cindy Kim is a 38 years old forensic psychologist for juvenile offenders and is based out of Oakland, California. She want a product that can track the needs of juvenile offenders while they are incarcerated. Cindy hopes that these records can help her assess the psychological and physical well-being of these young offenders. 

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