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Michael Smith is a 42 years old officer at a detention center in Harlan County, Kentucky. He want a back-end web 
application to respond to all the grievances and requests that residents at the detention center filed. He also want to have the ability to track all of these incoming and outgoing communications.
Samuel Walter is a 49 years old agent who works for the FBI. He want an application that helps monitor all the communication activities of the incarcerated. Samuel hopes that by having access to these digital records, he will be able to see patterns and connections that are
associated with each resident faster.
Cindy Kim is a 38 years old forensic psychologist for juvenile offenders and is based out of Oakland, California. She want a product that can track the needs of juvenile offenders while they are incarcerated. Cindy hopes that these records can help her assess the psychological and physical well-being of these young offenders. 
Rebecca Snow is a 31 years old drug dealer who is being held at a detention center at Harlan County, Kentucky. Rebecca has first grade level reading ability. While in jail, she want to spend her time surfing the web, watch tv shows and movies, play games, go on Facebook and listen to music.
Andrew Silverman is a 25 years old biochemistry master student at Vanderbilt University who is found guilty of manslaughter. Andrew was intoxicated when he drove his friend home and got into a car accident, killing two of his friends. While in jail, he want to spend his time surfing the web, watch sports, play games, research about an appeal, watch movies, listen to music, read the news and research papers.

Grievances and Requests Feature Enhancement

Role  |  UX Designer  |  Designed the experience and UI 
High Level Use Cases
  • Allow officers to respond from a single to multiple grievance requests at the same time
  • Allows officer to save time
High Level Flow
Resident file grievances and requests on tablet
Grievances and requests filed by resident are stored in back-end web application
Many of the products that I worked on for grievances and requests involve designing patterns. I am a big advocate of scalable patterns due to speedier production and development time, cleaner codes as well as provide consistency.


  1. As a default, the grievances or requests are unselected. 

  2. The user has to select at least one request or grievance.

  3. If the user choose a bulk task without choosing at least one request or grievance, there will be a blocker message.

  4. The bulk task is scalable. Additional tasks can be added to the right of the last one.

  5. The blocker message is an overlay with a 43% black opacity.

  6. The heading of the blocker is "Bulk" follow by the selected action.

  7. The close button is partially on the message and background.

  8. The blocker message tells the user what they need to do.

  9. When the user close out the blocker, it goes back to the original screen.

  10. The selected grievance and request is a white check mark with a blue background.

  11. After the selection is made and the task is chosen, the task overlay appears

  1. As you can see, the pattern for the heading, background and spacing is the same as the message blocker.

  2. Since we do not know what type of action the user will select, the main CTA will not be shown yet.
  3. By default, the sections that are important will be preselected. The user can also unselect the preselected.

  4. The "cancel" button exit the overlay and it overrides the close button. "Cancel" buttons are used in cases where the user can choose to proceed or cancel their actions.

  5. The "select your action" area allows the user to select whatever action they want to take and addition section will be on demand after the user selects the action. The CTA is also inactive until the action is selected. The CTA will be the same as the action.

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  1. There is a confirmation after the task is completed.

Tablet Browser App

Role  |  Designed Browser Icons and Flyout UI
High Level Use Case
  • To help users who doesn't know english or has low english literacy understand what the icons represent even if they don't know how to read the categories
  • To help save screen space
paid apps
free apps
High Level Flow
Each resident has different site access eligibility. The sign in will let the app know what type of site the resident can access.  
sign in screen
successful sign in
don't agree with agreements
agree with agreements, has fund and can use these apps
agree with agreements, has fund but can't use paid apps
don't have funds

Icon Design and Flyout UI

The stakeholders feel these chosen icons best represent each category that even if the resident don't know how to read, they will still know what it represent.
when nav menu is clicked
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