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Tintri is a enterprise storage company that specializes in hybrid and all-flash arrays. Tintri offers three server virtualization softwares—“VMstore” manages single system, “Tintri Global Center” manages multiple systems and "Tintri Analytics" machine learning can predict up to 18 months of storage behavior for every system.

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Multiple Storage

Systems Upgrade

Lead UX / UI Designer





Prioritized the must-have and nice-to-have of a feature with product manager and engineering team


Conducted a variety of research

  • inquired about technical requirements and constraints with backend engineer

  • to see whether our competitors has something similar and if so, what use cases they didn’t cover

  • to gain more domain knowledge

Design & Test

  • Designed 2 to 3 low fidelity concepts and conducted a quick usability test with 3 to 5 candidates to see what they prefer

  • Shared usability test feedbacks with stakeholders

  • Iterated on stakeholders feedback

  • Conducted tasks driven usability test

  • Repeated step 2–4 as needed


  • Created documentation

  • QA UI for each build

  • Gathered feedback during beta test

  • Iterated on beta test feedback

  • Release


Director of UI Engineering

My manager and he made sure the UX Designers and UI Engineers met the deadlines



Planned the features of each release



Had domain knowledge and implemented api



Implemented UI


Smiling Man

Chris Jones | 34

Datacenter Senior Manager

Works for a CRM software company. Maintains large virtualized infrastructure that scale across multiple hypervisors that consists of thousands of object storage such as virtual machines and databases.
Monitors and manages the systems daily to make sure it's in great health.
Beautiful Girl

Patricia Change | 22

Datacenter Assistant

Works for a major eCommerce company. Recent college grad and her manager doesn’t want her to manage the company’s data center yet.
Her job entails monitoring the activity of her company's systems daily to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Suited businessman

Brooklyn Cooper | 43

Sales Manager

Works for Tintri. Develops account acquisition strategy and execute channel sales campaigns to break into new accounts and expand existing ones
To attract sales, he presents and demonstrates Tintri's solution to customers.
Smiling Girl

Lauri Webster | 29

Support Engineer

Works for Tintri. Helps customers troubleshoot problems.

Experiences multiple customers in queue.


Pain Points

  • The user has to upgrade one storage system at a time

  • This process is time consuming if the user has more than 1 storage system to upgrade

  • A majority of Tintri’s enterprise clients has more than 1 storage systems

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Use Cases

Deploy centralized upgrade of multiple storage systems across data centers without disruption

Automated and requires no storage expertise

Saves time



Some Questions for Users
What do you like about the current upgrade process? Why?

What do you dislike about the current upgrade process? Why?

What do you want to improve? Why?

Some Questions for Backend Engineers
What are the criterias for upgrade?

What will cause upgrade to fail?

Can the user cancel the task?

What are the top 5 most important data?

Can IT administrator assistant perform upgrade?


User Stories

Frame 16 (1).png


Flow Chart


Design System

  • A collaborative effort with two other UX designers

  • We leveraged Material Design framework, AG grid for tables and designed new components for new use cases

  • The frameworks must be in Angular JS 

Design Pattern.png


Wireframe Iterations

  • Created a couple of low fidelity wireframes 

  • Conducted a quick usability test with 5 users to see which concept they prefer

  • Shared user's feedback with engineers and product manager



Usability Test

Usability test.png


Released Version

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