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indie is a student project for a UX Design Course that I took while I was living in Austin, TX. Austin has a plethora of live shows daily but trying to decide which show to go to based on the event schedule listed online or in a local newspaper is quite painful. I created indie to make the search experience more pleasant.

Band on Stage

Concerts Discovery IOS App

Product Designer | Student Project





Deciding which live music event to see on a given night is a task. The existing live show listenings only display the event information and nothing more. Concert goers need more information about the music to help them decide whether it is something they are interested in attending.




Use Case

Indie is a music application and website that give users an exciting live shows search experience while effortlessly promoting bands to the right audience. Users are able to listen to a sample of the band song, thereby, making it easier for concert goers to narrow down their choices of live music events on a given night. The test location is Austin, TX.








Concert Goer and Music Critic User Stories


As a concert goer, I want to...

  • set up an account and profile
  • edit my profile
  • choose the type of music genres I am interested in
  • search for shows on a given date in Austin
  • know the venue and address of venue the show
  • get directions to the music venue
  • hear the music first before I decide to go see the show
  • save the shows that I want to go to
  • remove the shows that I am not interested in
  • see what other shows the band that I like will have

Concert Goer and Music Critic Wireframes




Musician User Stories


As a musician, I want to...

1. set up an account and profile
2. edit my profile
3. upload samples of my music
4. post my events
5. upload an avatar for the band
6. list the type of genres my music fall under
7. see a listing of all my events

Musician Wireframes

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