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Mobile App Feature Enhancement

UI Designer | Designed concept
Business Use Case
To retain and acquire as much users as possible


John Simon aka bigfan180 is a 20 years old college student majoring in animation design. Ever since he was a kid, he has an obsession with fantasy stories, comic books and belong to marvel and dungeons and dragons forums. He checks into wikia a few times a week and is a major participant in wikia's forum community. He is a big fan of the Hunger Games and he read the books during his teenage years.
Patty Jones is 17 years old and is a senior in high school. She is a fan of the hunger games and watched each movie twice. She however, isn't a member of wikia and don't know that this social application exists despite she's a member of facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat. 
Lauren Kirmil is a 38 years old stay-at-home mom who receives a bachelor degree from Barnard University. She enjoys cooking for her family and she surf the web to look for recipes. In addition, she also has alot of recipes that she often share with her friends and family. She is not a member of wikia. Wikia can offer her recipes posted by the community and also gives her an outlet to post her own recipes. 
User Stories
As a user, I want to
  • save videos, pages and photos so that I can view them again in the future
  • share videos, pages and videos with my friends and family effortlessly so that they can access them whenever and where ever
  • see apps similar to the Hunger Games so that I don't have to spend the time looking for them
  • invite my friends and family to the Hunger Games wikia app so that we can geek out over it
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