wikia is an online community for fans of various medias such as books, movies, comics, television shows, lifestyles and games.

Mobile App Feature Enhancement

UI Designer | Designed concept
Business Use Case
To retain and acquire as much users as possible


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John Simon
In College Major in Animation
20 Years Old
  • Ever since he was a kid, he has an obsession with fantasy stories, comic books and belong to marvel and dungeons and dragons forums
  • He checks into wikia a few times a week and is a major participant in wikia's forum community
  • He is a big fan of the Hunger Games and he read the books during his teenage years.
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Patty Jones
Senior in High School
17 Years Old
  • Fan of the hunger games and watched each movie twice
  • Doesn't know about wikia
  • A member of facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat. 
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Lauren Kirmil
Stay-at-Home Mom
38 Years Old
  • Enjoys cooking for her family and surfs the web for recipes
  • Has many recipes that she often share with her friends and family
  • Not a member of wikia
User Stories
As a user, I want to
  • save videos, pages and photos so that I can view them again in the future
  • share videos, pages and videos with my friends and family effortlessly so that they can access them whenever and where ever
  • see apps similar to the Hunger Games so that I don't have to spend the time looking for them
  • invite my friends and family to the Hunger Games wikia app so that we can geek out over it
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