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Tintri is a enterprise storage company that specializes in hybrid and all-flash arrays. Tintri offers three server virtualization softwares—“VMstore” manages single system, “Tintri Global Center” manages multiple systems and "Tintri Analytics" machine learning can predict up to 18 months of storage behavior for every system.


Tintri Global Center Feature–Centralized Multi-Systems Upgrade

Lead UX / UI Designer

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Patricia Wallace is a 26 years old IT administrative assistant. She monitors the activity of her company's systems daily, making sure everything is running smoothly. Since Patricia is new to the industry, her manager doesn't want her to manage the company's systems.
Lauri Jamison is a 48 years old Sales Manager for Tintri's hybrid and all-flash arrays. She develops account acquisition strategy and execute channel sales campaigns to break into new accounts and expand existing ones. To attract sales, she presents and demonstrates Tintri's solution to customers.
Chris Jones is a 34 years old Systems Engineer. He maintains large virtualized infrastructure that scale across multiple hypervisors that consists of thousands of virtual machines. He monitors and manages the systems daily to make sure it's in great health.

How Tintri's Legacy Operating System Upgrade Works

Before centralized multi-systems upgrade on Tintri Global Center, the user will have to upgrade one system at a time. This procedure was painful and time consuming if the user have to upgrade multiple systems and additionally, sometimes the upgrade will fail. Tintri biggest enterprise client has 68 systems. Can you imagine upgrading 68 systems one at a time on a legacy workflow?

New OS

New OS

New OS

New OS

New OS

New OS

Use Cases


Preliminary Desired User Stories​​

Wireframe Iterations

I created a couple of low fidelity wireframes and conducted a quick usability test with 5 users to see which concept they prefer. I than follow up with the engineers to discuss users' feedback.

Usability Test

Pattern Library

The pattern library was a collaborative effort with two other talented designers. Together, we created TIntri Web Framework. We leveraged Material Design framework, AG grid for tables and we designed new UIs as new use cases came up. One of the criteria for selecting frameworks was it has to be based in Angular JS. Here are a few Tintri Web Framework patterns that I used to design "Centralized Multi-System Upgrade".

Final User Stories

Final Admin and Sales User Flow

Final Mockups and Micro Interactions

micro interactions.png