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Ebates is an affiliate company with over 1800 stores that gives the shoppers Cash Back when they shop through any of the stores on their site.

Coupon Page Redesign Concept

UX/UI Designer

Currently, the coupon landing page is alphabetized by store names. However, this isn't condusive for helping the window shoppers find the best deal. Window shoppers aren't looking for a specific store with the best deal, they are looking for the irrisistable deal regardless of the store.
Old Coupon Landing Page
High Level Use Case
  • Help shoppers find the best deal 
Ebates User Type


In order to help the users find the best deal, the new experience will have the following
  1. Show a few coupon based on types
  2. For returning shoppers, show coupons based on their previous shopping trips within a type. For new shoppers who had never purchased anything, Ebates will show them the most popular coupons within a type.
  3. The users will be able to see the best deals within their desired must-have type.
  4. The coupons will be filtered according to
    • Recommended Coupons for You
    • Sitewide Sale
    • Department Sales
    • Product Deals
    • Free Shipping
    • Free Gifts
Redesign Coupon Page

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