The Pose® procedure is a weight loss operation that is performed endoscopically. Meaning it is done with specialized instruments that passes through the esophagus and into the stomach. The procedure is incisionless and takes less than an hour to complete. No cuts are made in the abdomen and there is little downtime.

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Role  |  UX/UI Designer for both consumer and business facing websites
Yvonne is 46 and she had tried diet plans for weight loss in the past without much success. She would hope that there is a weight loss procedure that will help her go from a size 18 to a size 6. She wants to feel beautiful and confident.
Jason is 38 and is suffering from major health issues due to his excess weight. His doctor told him he needs to lose at least 50 lbs. if he wants his kidney to be healthy.
Gail is 42 and she is a professional chef. She lost 20 lbs before but she gained it back within 1 year. It's difficult to go on a diet with her job. She want a procedure that will help her lose the weight without having to always being on a diet plan. Se also want a procedure that will keep her weight off permanently.
Allison is a physician. She has been practicing endoscopic weight loss procedure for years. Recently she heard about the success of the Pose Procedure and she is interested in finding out more information.

High Level Use Case

  • Get information about the Pose Procedure
User Stories
  • learn about the Pose Procedure
  • be able to find the physicians so that I can have the procedure
  • easily get assistance so that when I have questions about the procedure, I'll be able to get a response 
  • know that it's safe so that I can continue to live a fulfilling life after having the procedure
  • know that I will have experts I can rely on after the procedure so that even when I have concerns, I will be in good hands
  • know whether I am qualified to practice, so that I can sign up to be a Pose procedure physician
  • know whether there are any courses and tests that I need to take, so that I can become a Pose Procedure physician
  • be able to contact USGI Medical, so that if I have questions, someone can will be able to assist me
  • know how many Pose Pocedure have been completed to-date, so that I know it's worth my investment
  • know that the procedure is effective and safe so that I can ensure the safety and quality to my patients
The Pose procedure website allows the user to submit their personal experience with the Pose procedure. For this experience, I designed an email form and give them the ability to upload their photos that document their journey. In addition, I also have to design the different scenarios on how they will interact with the UI.

These are the error messages that appear when the uploaded images don't meet the criteria.

How the UI will scale when the user write their story.

How the UI will scale when the user upload images.

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